Thursday, 12 June 2014

Analysis of Easy living Magazine

Q1: Explain 2 ways the extract fits the genre of lifestyle magazines. Use examples from the extract.

One way the magazine fits the genre of lifestyle magazines are the coverlines. One of the coverlines says"Easy elegant summer dressing." This shows that it is for older women because they are often described as elegant and are not displayed as sexy. This shows the stereotypical views of the public and explains the attitude and actions of some older women and the things in this magazine (e.g beauty tips to try and look younger). 

Another way the magazine fits the genre of lifestyle magazine's is the different sections of the contents page. The contents page is split into 4 sections: Real Life, Fashion, Beaty and emotional intelligence. The category on Real Life is for a maturer audience and shows people how they should be living their life. One of the sections on the contents page says "My husband stole my kids" which is aimed at an older audience because it involves marriage but also fits into lifestyle because that is someones life and the ideal life for someone t have involves marriage. 

Q2: Explain how each of the following is used in the extract to create effect: 
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Colour
  • Language
Use examples from the extract. 

The layout of the magazine is  asymmetrical because there is a balance of coverlines and textures on both sides of the page. This makes it look organised and neat which stereotypically attracts female customers because females like things neat and organised. Most of the typography of the magazine is sans serif to make the text stand out more and to catch the readers eye. Sans serif is also a more intellectual font and shows something to be clever or smart. Some of the text near the bottom of the page is serif to make it look delicate and fancy which women are stereotyped as being. On the magazine some of the coverlines are bright white with a dark background to highlight that certain coverline. 

The main colour used on the magazine front cover is black and white to balance the two colours on either side. The title of the magazine is bright pink to draw the readers eye and are intrigued by the title. Pink is also a very feminine colour and stereotypically is a very "girly colour." On the contents page each section is colour co-ordinated to make it easily accessible and to fill the page.

Q3: Discuss how people and lifestyles are represented in the extract. Refer to stereotypes in your answer. Use examples from the extract.  

In Easy Living they use Kylie Minogue as an aspirational figure for the reader to look up to and aspire to be. This makes the reader want to find out more about them and read on in the magazine. There are a lot of stereotypical things that women like in the magazine such as fashion and beauty. The lifestyle represented in this magazine is how to easily live without any stress. This magazine is focused on older and more mature women (aged 40-50) which is shown in some of the coverlines, "Kylie Minogue 40 and fabulous." This magazine draws customers in by showing and telling them how they should be making them fell insecure and wanting to make themselves better.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter homework

1.What two conventions have I used & Why?

One of the conventions used on this magazine front cover is the left third. The left third is the part of the magazine that the customer will see when it is stacked in shops. It is important to make the left third of the magazine as eye catching as possible to draw the customer in. In this magazine the coverline says "celebrate" which draws the reader in by making them curious on what is in the magazine and why he/she should celebrate. Another convention used on the magazine is the main image. A main image is important in a magazine because it draws the customer in and shows them a slight overview on the magazine (e.g if the magazine has a main image of a phone then the magazine is probably about technology). In this magazine they used a well known successful person for the main image to give the reader someone to aspire to. It also gives the reader a chance to learn about that person. 

2.What are the effects of my Layout, Typography, Colour choice and Language Choice

The layout of this magazine cover is symmetrical with writing on both sides and an even main image. This layout is neat an well organised which suggests that this magazine is for the more mature and slightly older audience. The font of the magazine cover is sans-serif which shows that the magazine is more informative and sophisticated. the main colours used on the cover are red, black and white. Red is a very masculine colour but is also associated with love and romance. The language used on this cover is very colloquial and chatty to make the reader feel part of the magazine. This  effects the reader by drawing them in to the magazine and getting them interested in it. Even the tiniest of details make a large difference. 

3.What issues of representation have I presented?

Friday, 7 March 2014

Question 3 Example Q

The extract is the front cover of an issue of "Pride" magazine. It represents young females in their 20's and is fairly upper class as the main image is a celebrity wearing expensive clothes. The font also represents upper class as it is serif.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lifestyle Magazines follow a house style (similar style and productions)

Lifestyle Magazines follow a house style (similar style and productions)

Red: Passion, love, anger.
Orange: Energy, happiness, vitality.
Yellow: Happiness, hope, deceit. 
Green: New beginnings, abundance, nature.
Blue: Calm, responsive, sadness.
Purple: Creativity, royalty, wealth.
Black: Mystery, elegance, evil.
Grey: Moody, conservative, formality. 
White: Purity, cleanliness, virtue. 
Brown: Nature, wholesomeness, dependability. 
Beige: Conservative, piety, dull.
Cream: Calm, elegant, purity.

Masthead: Title of magazine.
Selling Line: Short line summarising magazine.
Cover Lines: Inside stories. 
Data Lines: Date and price.
Main Image: Image of aspirational person.
Model Credit: Who the main image model is. 
Barcode: Used to buy magazine and check stocks. 
Left Third: Best coverlines put here (for stacking). 
Main Coverline: The most important coverline. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Evaluation of magazine covers

This magazine use a bold font to symbolise strength. The main image is a man with big muscles to make the reader of the magazine have a figure to aspire to. It uses the colours black, blue and red because they are very masculine colours. It has a whole section on gadgets which men stereotypically like and uses the stereotype of men being strong to appeal to the readers.

The main image of the front cover of Glamour magazine is looking at the reader which is direct address. It uses a bold font so the title stands out and uses the colour pink to appeal to the stereotype that women like pink. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Colour Connotations In Magazines

Different colours can convey different meanings or connotations to the viewer. 

Sport - I would use red for the background and black for the font. I  would use red for the background because it represents physical energy and black for the font because it shows out from the red and is quite a bold, manly colour.  

Gaming - I would use orange for the background because it resembles creativity and a yellow font because it shows fun.

Ponies - I would use violet for the background because it shows imagination and a blue font because it resembles peace and kindness. 

Bakery - I would use green for the background because it is a loving colour showing they put love into their food. I would use yellow for the font to portray baking as fun. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Teenage Girl Lifestyle Magazine Coverlines

Get skinny quick!
How to become a fashion idol!
10 top tips on how to impress boys!
Get fashion advice from top actress Jennifer Lawrence!
How to shed the winter pounds!
Top 20 best rave anthems of 2013!
All the top gossip in 2014!
Most embarrassing moments of all time!
How to make your sleepover the best time of your life!

Monday, 13 January 2014

symmetry in magazine covers

Symmetrical magazine covers

This front cover is symmetrical because one side of the face is the same to the other. 

Asymmetrical Magazine Covers
This front cover is asymmetrical because one side has writing and the other an image.

Asymmetrical by shape

Asymmetrical by value

This image is asymmetrical by value because the colours on the front cover are blurred, but the title isn't which draws the reader to the title. 
Asymmetrical by colour

This image is asymmetrical by colour because one side is red and the other black. 

Asymmetrical by shape

This image is asymmetrical by shape because it draws you to the image as it stands out from the background as it is blurred. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Typography 1. Fonts

Modern - I chose this font because it looks bold and modern.

Kids - It has animals and looks like lots of kids would like it.

Sport - It looks like the same font sport brands use.

Masculine - It looks very manly and strong.

Feminine - Very delicate and fancy.

Sophisticated - posh and fancy letters.

Bold - Bold font.

History - it looks very old and historical.

Font cover Typography Worksheet

1. How many different font styles do you see on the front cover?
2. How many different font sizes are used?
3. How many different font colours are used?
4. How many coverlines are there?
5. Describe the font used for the magazine title?
Big, bold and pink (Stands out).
6. How does the title communicate who the target audience are?
Women, because it is pink which is a stereotypical womens colour.
7. Whats the main coverline and how do you know?
Cosmo's Body Revolution because it is on the left third of the magazine which is what people see on the stand and it is the biggest one.
8. Explain how and why different colours are used on the front cover?
To draw the customer in and not look like a plain boring magazine.
9. Explain how and why different fonts are used on the front cover?
They use different fonts to make each coverline look different and unique to tell the customer this magazine has lots in it.
10. If you could change something about typography on this cover what would it be and why would change it?
I would use more colours apart from pink, white and black. I would also put more inspirational coverlines on the front cover.