Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter homework

1.What two conventions have I used & Why?

One of the conventions used on this magazine front cover is the left third. The left third is the part of the magazine that the customer will see when it is stacked in shops. It is important to make the left third of the magazine as eye catching as possible to draw the customer in. In this magazine the coverline says "celebrate" which draws the reader in by making them curious on what is in the magazine and why he/she should celebrate. Another convention used on the magazine is the main image. A main image is important in a magazine because it draws the customer in and shows them a slight overview on the magazine (e.g if the magazine has a main image of a phone then the magazine is probably about technology). In this magazine they used a well known successful person for the main image to give the reader someone to aspire to. It also gives the reader a chance to learn about that person. 

2.What are the effects of my Layout, Typography, Colour choice and Language Choice

The layout of this magazine cover is symmetrical with writing on both sides and an even main image. This layout is neat an well organised which suggests that this magazine is for the more mature and slightly older audience. The font of the magazine cover is sans-serif which shows that the magazine is more informative and sophisticated. the main colours used on the cover are red, black and white. Red is a very masculine colour but is also associated with love and romance. The language used on this cover is very colloquial and chatty to make the reader feel part of the magazine. This  effects the reader by drawing them in to the magazine and getting them interested in it. Even the tiniest of details make a large difference. 

3.What issues of representation have I presented?

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