Thursday, 21 November 2013

Music Video Research Task

Rihanna Where Have you been

Mise en scene                                               
  • Forest - to make the video unique instead of being set in an every day city. 
  • Jewellery - to make rihanna seem like she has lots of money and to make her look better. 
  • Sexually promiscuous clothing - to attract males and to build up an adult audience. 
  • Men with bare chests - To show that she makes men vulnerable and to show she has power over them.
  • Other women - to add to the set and to make males watch. 
  • Lots of make up - to make the women look beautiful and to not show any ugly features. 


  • Close ups - to show rihanna's beauty. 
  • Camera shaking - to show she's powerful and can control you.
  • Zooms - to show everything and highlight certain things. 
  • Tracking rihanna - To show she is the most important person. 
  • Mid shot - so the viewer can see everything that's happening.

Katy Perry California Girls
Mise en Scene

  • Candy land - to go with the theme of the song.
  • Ice cream - Katy Perry ate the ice cream in a sexual way drawing in the male audience. 
  • dice - To show that the man is in charge of what she does. 
  • Board game - She is just an object on a board being played. 
  • Sexually promiscuous clothing - To draw in the male audience. 
  • Throne  - the man is the king and is in charge of everything. 
  • Tracking Katy Perry - to point out she is important.
  • Zooms To highlight things. 
  • Long shot To show the whole story. 
  • Mid shot - To show what is happening.
  • Low angle shot - looking up at the male. 
  • high angle shot - looking down on the females.