Friday, 30 August 2013

Its FRIDAY!!!! My first POST : )


Today, i woke up a lot later than usual and had to rush the whole morning but i still made it to school on time. It was an average day today apart from my English teacher who told us to see a video on Youtube about ultimate ironing. Still the year 7's annoy me and one of them was a bit freaky. After an average day of school i just went home and relaxed. I went on Youtube and found a hilarious Pewdiepie video. Link below. Were having a yard sale tomorrow and i cant wait. I have also recently gotten a new book so if you want to check that out its in the description. i personally love the books and have the whole collection. give me some comments in the comment section and Ytell me what you thought about it. The Media i have most used over Friday was Youtube and blogger. I watched the TV and used my phone. I also used facebook and checked the news.