Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lifestyle Magazines follow a house style (similar style and productions)

Lifestyle Magazines follow a house style (similar style and productions)

Red: Passion, love, anger.
Orange: Energy, happiness, vitality.
Yellow: Happiness, hope, deceit. 
Green: New beginnings, abundance, nature.
Blue: Calm, responsive, sadness.
Purple: Creativity, royalty, wealth.
Black: Mystery, elegance, evil.
Grey: Moody, conservative, formality. 
White: Purity, cleanliness, virtue. 
Brown: Nature, wholesomeness, dependability. 
Beige: Conservative, piety, dull.
Cream: Calm, elegant, purity.

Masthead: Title of magazine.
Selling Line: Short line summarising magazine.
Cover Lines: Inside stories. 
Data Lines: Date and price.
Main Image: Image of aspirational person.
Model Credit: Who the main image model is. 
Barcode: Used to buy magazine and check stocks. 
Left Third: Best coverlines put here (for stacking). 
Main Coverline: The most important coverline. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Evaluation of magazine covers

This magazine use a bold font to symbolise strength. The main image is a man with big muscles to make the reader of the magazine have a figure to aspire to. It uses the colours black, blue and red because they are very masculine colours. It has a whole section on gadgets which men stereotypically like and uses the stereotype of men being strong to appeal to the readers.

The main image of the front cover of Glamour magazine is looking at the reader which is direct address. It uses a bold font so the title stands out and uses the colour pink to appeal to the stereotype that women like pink. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Colour Connotations In Magazines

Different colours can convey different meanings or connotations to the viewer. 

Sport - I would use red for the background and black for the font. I  would use red for the background because it represents physical energy and black for the font because it shows out from the red and is quite a bold, manly colour.  

Gaming - I would use orange for the background because it resembles creativity and a yellow font because it shows fun.

Ponies - I would use violet for the background because it shows imagination and a blue font because it resembles peace and kindness. 

Bakery - I would use green for the background because it is a loving colour showing they put love into their food. I would use yellow for the font to portray baking as fun.