Thursday, 12 June 2014

Analysis of Easy living Magazine

Q1: Explain 2 ways the extract fits the genre of lifestyle magazines. Use examples from the extract.

One way the magazine fits the genre of lifestyle magazines are the coverlines. One of the coverlines says"Easy elegant summer dressing." This shows that it is for older women because they are often described as elegant and are not displayed as sexy. This shows the stereotypical views of the public and explains the attitude and actions of some older women and the things in this magazine (e.g beauty tips to try and look younger). 

Another way the magazine fits the genre of lifestyle magazine's is the different sections of the contents page. The contents page is split into 4 sections: Real Life, Fashion, Beaty and emotional intelligence. The category on Real Life is for a maturer audience and shows people how they should be living their life. One of the sections on the contents page says "My husband stole my kids" which is aimed at an older audience because it involves marriage but also fits into lifestyle because that is someones life and the ideal life for someone t have involves marriage. 

Q2: Explain how each of the following is used in the extract to create effect: 
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Colour
  • Language
Use examples from the extract. 

The layout of the magazine is  asymmetrical because there is a balance of coverlines and textures on both sides of the page. This makes it look organised and neat which stereotypically attracts female customers because females like things neat and organised. Most of the typography of the magazine is sans serif to make the text stand out more and to catch the readers eye. Sans serif is also a more intellectual font and shows something to be clever or smart. Some of the text near the bottom of the page is serif to make it look delicate and fancy which women are stereotyped as being. On the magazine some of the coverlines are bright white with a dark background to highlight that certain coverline. 

The main colour used on the magazine front cover is black and white to balance the two colours on either side. The title of the magazine is bright pink to draw the readers eye and are intrigued by the title. Pink is also a very feminine colour and stereotypically is a very "girly colour." On the contents page each section is colour co-ordinated to make it easily accessible and to fill the page.

Q3: Discuss how people and lifestyles are represented in the extract. Refer to stereotypes in your answer. Use examples from the extract.  

In Easy Living they use Kylie Minogue as an aspirational figure for the reader to look up to and aspire to be. This makes the reader want to find out more about them and read on in the magazine. There are a lot of stereotypical things that women like in the magazine such as fashion and beauty. The lifestyle represented in this magazine is how to easily live without any stress. This magazine is focused on older and more mature women (aged 40-50) which is shown in some of the coverlines, "Kylie Minogue 40 and fabulous." This magazine draws customers in by showing and telling them how they should be making them fell insecure and wanting to make themselves better.

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